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A Brief About Electro Polishing Process

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Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that eliminates substances by a metallic section, on average stainless or identical metals.

The component is infused into a temp controlled bath of electrolyte (combinations of sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid) and also the part serves as an anode.

Since it’s connected to the positive terminal of a DC energy rectifier DC and the negative terminal of the rectifier is installed onto the cathode that is normally generated from titanium or alternative metals that don’t detract throughout the electropolishing process.

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Since the rectifier might be implemented current, it moves on from the anode to the cathode by employing conduction throughout the part.


During this particular technique, the part is dissolved in the electrolyte.  This system can be securely manipulated to dissolve exceptionally smaller quantities of the surface resulting in micron degree diameter of a surface.

Considering that the electromechanical conduction occurs always over the comprehensive area surface, the task typically eradicates the maximum surface per component quantity that’s generally burrs as well as different scuff marks.

The electropolishing process may possibly enhance a surface end up to 50 percent and some times more.

The electropolishing response eliminates substance even though it promotes surface roughness, but also since it eliminates substances, electropolishing process run times are lower to help keep dimensional tolerances.

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