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About Our Senior Care in Santa Clarita & Antelope valley

Our Mission

Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley Homemakers and Personal Attendants were founded upon the principle of providing quality low cost support services enabling the patient to enjoy independence in their own home.

The first of Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley Homemakers and Personal Attendants mission is its commitment to providing quality cost-effective support services with courtesy and responsibility. The patient can expect to be treated with respect by a team of trained and dedicated caregivers. Santa Clarita Valley Homemakers and Personal Attendants was founded on the idea of providing home care aide support services to a community of persons who would otherwise require facility placement thereby having to leave the comfort of their own homes. The principle of providing in home “quality care” with honesty, compassion, and integrity is the value that guides our professional and para-professional staff.

Secondly, the staff of Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley Homemakers and Personal Attendants takes pride in exercising a high level of ethics and integrity when providing home care and support services. In our mission to provide quality home care, we understand and respect the diverse cultural needs of our patient population. Through meaningful and conscientious effort, we are committed to the values and ethics of providing in home quality care with dignity and respect. We share the inherent value of providing for the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of every person served.

Through meaningful effort and honest provision of service Santa Clarita Valley and Antelope Valley Homemakers and Personal Attendants will succeed in this mission stated and the community of patients served will be the benefactor of a quality life style with independence at home. Santa Clarita Valley Homemakers and Personal Attendants intent is that by excellence and merit we will be the consummate and equaled home care aide, support services organization, as we become known unequivocally as “homemakers and attendants.”

Agency Mission Statement

Our philosophy
It is our belief that the community at large will benefit from a home care agency that will offer cost effective home care assistance with quality, compassion, and integrity. And that living at “home” is an important part of the “quality of our lives.”

We believe that each human being has the indigenous right to be cared for in the manner of their choosing and that no other shall have the might or authority to take away this will. And that those who choose so shall enjoy rehabilitation, convalescing, or end of life care in the comfort of their own home. Our goal is to encourage and promote that opportunity to those who enlist our aid.
With our professional team of trained specialists creating and implementing a comprehensive plan of care and with physical and emotional assistance provided by our dedicated caregiver staff, those that wish for independence in their own home will have that choice.
We will make a difference, as our agency seeks to keep the cost of services low and yet offer the uniquely specialized assistance of support services to enable “independent living in the home.”

It is the belief of Antelope Valley Homemakers and Personal Attendants that the community at large will benefit from a home care agency that will care for the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well being of every individual being served.

While many may become independent in their own home others may seek the solace of definitive care, no matter, our geriatric population and others shall benefit from a homecare agency that is not ordinary but which takes pride in exploring the unlikely, is innovative, will look carefully at the needs of the community and those who refer. Our team of professionals and para-professionals are sensitive and responsive to the diverse needs of those who have aged before them and now require the comfort of others.

What seniors hope for …. Defining, interpreting, and measuring successful abound in today’s society. We have quantitative data; variables counted and compared all to measure successful aging. Successful aging is not only about physical health, it is also about having opportunities, control over one’s life, usefulness, having a place in society, belonging, freedom, the respect of others, dignity, a sense of being needed and loved, financial security and having basic needs met. Seniors hope for all of these things as they progress toward in the later years.

What we understand about aging…. We view aging as a physiological and social state that each individual strives to maintain mental, physical, and social functioning. As one achieves life satisfaction; we think that behaviors, life experiences, and decision’s individuals have made will form the foundation for their present and older years. We consider that the other adult of today is a vastly diverse group in a complex system. Today’s older adults have a greater knowledge of health and wellness, and yet they still may face medical challenges unlike previous generations. The aging adult may face economic pressures and may needs to draw upon a variety of community services. What we do know is that aging is not always easy and effortless. Seniors face increasing changes in our society, cultural beliefs, and support systems.

What Homemakers and Attendants can do…. We can listen, be aware of what is being said by the older adult. We are sensitive to the needs of the older adult. We encourage and advocate, assisting to meet the physical and emotional needs of the aging adult. We will provide the support and encouragement that are needed to stay in an environment that is comfortable. We ourselves do not believe in ageism.

What seniors anticipate and look forward to . . . . Today’s seniors are usually dependent on the government for their heath care needs. Those seniors who require more than the government can provide, are spending down their assets as their health deteriorates. Some are moving to assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. But the baby boomer generation has begun planning so they will be better prepared to pay for some of their health care costs. For instance, many of today’s 60 to 65 year olds are researching “estate planning” and purchasing “long term care insurance.” Tomorrows seniors want to “age in place,” they want to stay in their own homes.

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