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Frequently Asked Questions on Business Cards

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Our business card should contain what information? It all depends on you.

The business cards contain information like your name, position or profession, corporation or business, address of the company or where you do business from, your work phone number, home phone number, mobile phone number, and email address.

Nevertheless, you do not need to put each of these items of info on your card. You may find unique business cards for your business on

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Do I have to design my very own business card?

In case you need to design your own business card, there are user friendly software applications available on the market that can help you achieve a professional appearance. But if you want somebody else to create a business card layout for you, you can avail yourself of this kind of service.

Businesses who offer business card print also include business card design in their own product bundle. Analyse the company’s design portfolio so you could pick out which style of business card you like best.

How long do I need to wait before my business card is complete?

When you have decided on a business card design and all your contact information is set, the print job could be done in just a couple of hours. However, completion time also depends on whether the firm has other pending print jobs. You may discover more information on business card via internet.

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Could I have something printed on the back part of my business card?

Yes. There are some printing companies that offer back-to-back business card print. You could ask if the business offers such a service.

How many copies of business cards should I have printed?

The number of business cards depends upon the firm whose services you patronize. It's possible for you to ask about the minimal number of cards a company can print. Remember that most businesses offer lower costs in the event that you order a sizable mass of business cards.

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