Information About Lawsuit Settlements For Statin Drug Deaths

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Baycol, a statin medication also called cerivastatin, has been pulled from the market in 2001 because of inducing over a hundred deaths, chiefly from complications of acute muscle breakdown called as rhabdomyolysis.

Thus far, Bayer, that the pharmaceutical company in charge of producing Baycol, has settled $750 million in settlements using 10,378 more prone to repay, also has been fined for info information from Germany’s national drug bureaus on Baycol’s potentially fatal impacts when reaching certain other medicines.

Lawsuits also have been filed against Pfizer Pharmaceutical to recoup compensation by patients that were prescribed Lipitor.  This statin medication was connected to a run of serious negative effects including liver damage and kidney failure. One can also check out latest updates and information about the pharmaceutical lawsuit at


Lipitor, Zocor and Mevacor are associated with rhabdomyolysis.  The FDA has arranged “black box warning labels” in order set on packaging, however, have not remembered the medication as nonetheless.

Pravachol has been connected to a large number of deaths in rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis develops when large levels of muscle protein and also toxic cell components from perishing muscle fibers have been released to the system to be filtered from the kidneys.

These muscle building by products encircle the kidneys and also conquer the elimination process blocking and damaging that the arrangements and tubules of the uterus.  This severe tubular necrosis results in kidney failure.  It’s reported to affect 6 in most 10,000 individuals having a statin medication.

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